small business blogging – make it a part of your social media strategy yesterday! – #socialmedia

Blogs have been around well before the social media circus rolled in.  It’s been the source of many news headlines and today still remains one of society’s greatest sources of knowledge past, present and future.  Think of a topic, and chances are there’s a blog about it.  If there isn’t, there probably will be soon.

In a social media sense, blogs are essential.  Twitter has you handcuffed at 140 characters; Facebook at 420 (bet you didn’t know that one, but there are workarounds) and your website may not be equipped to properly handle regular lengthy posts.  So what do you use when you want to get your message out that’s greater than 420 characters and may or may not include pictures?  You would use a blog.

I’ve mentioned it before and ill mention it every chance I get, but the internet revolves around content.  Content that is both up to date and relevant.  Stop this content, and the world will grind to a halt, planes will fall out of the sky, tablets will spontaneously combust, Apple shares will fall and a giant hole will emerge and swallow the entire globe in one massive gulp!  Well, maybe not that dramatic.  Planes will still fly I’d imagine.  Auto pilot and all you see.  In flight computers are pretty smart.

But anyway, there is only so much content to be shared on twitter, Facebook and YouTube so when you need to get your lengthy, written, content rich message out there, use a blog.  For the businesses I’m looking after currently, a blog has allowed them to:

  • Share detailed information about the trainers at their gym.  The trainers write their own blogs and so each piece of information is personalised and with photos attached, makes them more approachable and easily recognisable when “on the floor”.
  • Share a client’s travel experiences through Europe.  A picture rich blog and the client’s own words not only gives them a that warm fuzzy feeling (who doesn’t like to show off their travel pics?) but also shows potential customer’s that this agency values its clients and really gives them a travel experience to remember.
  • Share insights into a designers mind as to why a particular piece of furniture is designed that way.  Inspirations, material and colour considerations and physical construction are all conveyed and so the end result is well beyond just looking at the furniture, buying it and using it.

So if your current social media strategy consists of only Facebook and twitter, you’re really doing yourself an injustice.  You’re hampering your ability to effectively get your message out there and you’re limiting the amount of “engagement” you have with your past, present, and future clients.  So as the title states, if you’re not using a blog as part of your social media campaign, make it so.  As of yesterday.  🙂


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“blogging lives here!”


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