Social Media – email killer. #socialmedia

Depending on whom you talk to or what sites you visit, the Internet is around 40 years ago.  If those same sources are correct, e-mail, is of the same vintage.  Unfortunately the latter, is dying, and social media is to blame.

I was talking to a client the other day that is a self-confessed technophobe.  Her home office gave refuge to a silver Marantz home stereo unit with single tape deck and record player, a flip number style alarm clock which I actually wanted to steal (it was retro cool), and a pristine Amstrad computer with a 14in CRT monitor.  Funnily enough (though not really surprising) everything still worked, and worked well!

Anyway, there was a problem with her company laptop which I was fixing, and she explained to me how her kids, all just out of high school, rarely keep in contact.  “They live just up the street and never visit or call.  And when I send them emails, they never reply.” Then she said something that’s the basis of this blog post. “They came around the other day and I asked them why they hadn’t replied to my emails.  They said to me Mum, nobody use’s email anymore.”  Nobody indeed.

Instant messaging tools have been around for a while, but its taken the chat of Facebook and tweets of twitter (maybe Google+ one day) to get people off email.  A week long email conversation my parents have with family overseas, is now reduced to 30 minutes worth of Facebook chatting.  Party invites are no longer printed and sent out, nor are they emailed.  An event is created in Facebook and everyone replies to that.  LinkedIn is also making job seeking easier with premium upgrades that require you to email absolutely nothing and absolutely no-one at all.  And if you need to let QANTAS have it for getting you to New York, but your luggage to Los Angeles, don’t send an email, send a tweet and let them (and the rest of the twitterverse) know how you feel.  Yup, email is dying.

But it will never die.  After all, we still have local post offices and home letter boxes.  E-mail has replaced snail mail, but it’ll never get rid of it.  Social Media has replaced e-mail, but it’ll never get rid of that.  Moral of the story here is, if you’re not on social media, you’re missing out.  You’re missing out on connecting with people every day from around the globe, you’re missing out on important events which could be life changing, and you’re  missing out on having your voice heard, or your message delivered to the masses!

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(I can do this social media thing for you, ask me how!)


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