youtube is the “media” in small business social media. without it you’re just being social. #socialmedia

So, you’ve catapulted your small business into the social media atmosphere.  You have a Facebook Fan Page, a Twitter account, finally updated your LinkedIn info, have started writing a blog, and now you’re ready to sit back and admire your handiwork.  But wait a minute.  Just, wait.  “Where’s your YouTube channel?”  “A YouTube channel?”  “Yes, your YouTube channel”

You may have heard it, or someone say it, and I personally believe it, but YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the internet.  If I need to search for instructions on how to install laptop RAM, I search YouTube.  If I need details to update my WordPress blogs, I use YouTube.  For me, YouTube has moved from an entertainment platform, to more of a troubleshooting and technical resource.

From a small business perspective, YouTube is the bee’s knee’s, knees!   A picture tells a thousand words, so how many words does high-def video and stereo sound tell?  Eleventy million?  Close.

There is only one thing guaranteed to kill your social media strategy (and in fact the internet as well), and that’s, content.  More specifically, lack thereof.  If you don’t regularly upload quality content to your social media platforms, no one will use it and it (and you) will be ignored, period.

Internet videos are THE (yes, notice uppercase and bold!) best source of quality content for your social media strategy.  The reason being, video, in an internet sense, is never just video.  A simple video recording from your smartphone can be re-purposed into many other formats for re-distribution and potentially profit.

A video of your seminar to explain the benefits of high performance business moccasins will:

  • Yield a video with audio suitable for a YouTube upload (duh!)
  • Yield a podcast suitable for iTunes by extracting just the audio only
  • Yield an e-book suitable for a free gift (to incentivise Facebook Fans) or even paid for by transcribing said podcast above
  • Yield the start of a potential video training series which can be
    • a) used in-house for training future employees
    • b) collated and potentially sold as a system to sell or market said moccasins
  • Greatly improve your search engine rankings if all points above are used!

Use video regularly enough and you will:

  • Improve your standing as an authority or key resource within your industry (provided that’s what you are recording)
  • Improve the relationships you form with future clients making interaction just that little bit easier.
  • Get your message across much clearer than any text or picture (or combination of) can.  Emotional tone is very hard to get right 100% of the time through reading.  Think sarcasm.

So there it is.  Signup for your YouTube channel.  Pull out your smartphone or Flip Mino and start to video record anything and everything relevant to your business, your industry, your followers and fans.  Get video testimonials, video a day in the life of your business, give a detailed video review of your upcoming widget, and record every single chance you get,to stand up in front of people to deliver your message.  Then upload, re-purpose, and NOW (yup there it is again) you’re ready to sit back and admire your handiwork.

dEx         –    

“I have a YouTube channel, but you know that saying about a plumber’s pipes?  Yeah, they’re always leaking”.


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