find my iphone android wife & kids. modern day guiltless stalking. #apple #tech


My wife and I are opposites.  I listen to hip hop and she listens to strange music.  I love horror movies and she watches RomComs.  I’m always on time and she’s always late.  Three steps forward and two steps back.

The one area we are the same is with our iPhones.  It’s almost surgically attached to both of us.  For me, it’s a work thing.  Following up emails, returning text messages, calling up clients, remotely accessing computers, etc.  I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I would look at, pick up, touch, use or check my phone in an hour.  For my wife, it’s Facebook, eBay, Facebook, ASOS, Facebook, texts, missed calls, Facebook, and a decoy to keep my daughter occupied (AngryBirds).  So in both respects, to lose either ones phone would be a disaster and it has happened before.  Kids under 2 + small electrical devices = hide and seek.

Enter, find my iPhone.  Free and for both iPhones, I have installed and used this service for well over a year and it has saved our “bacon” numerous times.  Simply put, if one of the iPhones goes missing (usually my wife’s) I can start find my iPhone and within seconds it will give me the GPS location of both of the missing phone (provided it has battery charge).  If both phones go missing, I can use this service from a webpage.  I can do other funky stuff like ping a message to a phone, or even remotely wipe it if I think it’s been stolen

My in-laws were over the other day, looking after our kids.  I arrived home and they stuck around to wait for my wife to get home.  A couple of calls to find an ETA were fruitless (surprise, surprise J) and so I showed them the wonders of find my iPhone.  Laptop open, website up, password in and BOOM, “she’s about 15 minutes away on Burwood highway”.

Now the technology isn’t new and it isn’t just for the iPhone (find my Android, duh), but the uses border on stalking and Big Brotherism (which can be good or bad).  “Just going out with the girls tonight dEx, won’t be home too late.” “No probs, don’t forget your phone.”  “Dad, just going to the shops with Grace, back soon”  “That fine, just take your phone.”

Fidelity challenged individuals watch out, if your tech savy other half is starting to suspect something fishy, they may already have you nicked!  My kids, if you’re reading this 10 years from now, “I’m everywhere I tell you, EVERYWHERE!  Now finish your homework, eat your veggies and clean your rooms!!”

dEx         –    

“everywhere I tell you, EVERYWHERE!”


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