will facebook get hacked in November? In case it does, protect your social media data with @backupify #socialmedia

Anonymous (a well-known hacking group) has leaked a video threatening that it will hack Facebook on November 5th.

Whether this threat is a) credible (some people “in the know” are questioning the videos legitimacy) and b) actually possible, remains to be seen, but whatever the case, it may be a good idea to start thinking about backing up you social media data.

If like some, you have spent a lot of time, money and effort into all of your social media platforms, then backing up this data is something you should seriously consider.

I blogged a while back about Dropbox (http://bit.ly/qnjAA4).  This should handle most of your “files” and things like YouTube clips you may have uploaded in the past.  If you don’t have a Dropbox account, create one, better yet, buy one, and move all of your important files to it, multimedia included.

If you blog through wordpress.com, then you blog is automatically backed up, if you use, wordpress.org, then install a plugin to do this automatically.  WP-DB-Backup (http://bit.ly/qvHv0f) is one of the more favourable ones.

What about the rest?  Facebook?  Twitter?  Blogger?  Facebook actually has an inbuilt backup feature where you can “Download a copy of your Facebook data”.  This is found under Account, Account Settings, then General.


This may be fine for your personal profile, but what about Twitter or your Facebook Fan Pages?  Well, there’s Backupify, http://www.backupify.com/.  A clever service that allows you to backup not only your Facebook Profile, but all your Fan Pages under it.  It will also backup your Twitter accounts, you LinkedIn profiles, and your Blogger blogs.  Stored in the “cloud” (Amazon S3 no less!) for a small monthly fee, most if not all of your social media backup needs can be met.

So whatever the eventually outcome of Novembers threat, make sure that before then, you backup your businesses social media data.

Just in case.

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