qrcodes – wtf are they and how can they help my small business ? #smallbusiness

Ask an IT geek what a QR code is, and they won’t bat an eyelid.  In most cases, they’ll pull out their smartphone ready to scan whatever code is available.  A QR code (or Quick Response code) is a form of barcode that can convey all manner of information.  Used extensively for years in the automotive and IT parts industry, the seemingly boring technology (barcodes) is making it big in the social media and marketing space globally.  And now, it’s gaining some traction in Australia.

QR code communications require 2 things, the QR code itself, and a reader.  What’s awesome about QR codes is that they are standardised and the readers are free.  This means that all QR Codes you come across can be read by anyone with a valid reader on their smartphone or tablet.  What makes QR Codes EPIC is the fact that you can create them yourself in seconds.

Without filling up my blog too much about what QR codes can do, hop on over to http://qrstuff.com and be blown away by its flexibility.

Want some good uses for QR codes?

  • If you have a one sided business card, create a QR code for your social media links, print them out and stick them on the back.
  • If you’re selling a house/car/whatever with a brochure, include a QC code that links to a YouTube clip of the item you’re selling.
  • If you think you’re a player, next time a girl/guy asks for your number, give them a card with a QR code that has either (your telephone number, your Facebook profile, your address, a link to a YouTube video that…..well maybe not that one).

QR codes are slowly doing the rounds in Australia and Sportsgirl recently wound up a marketing campaign that had a QR code on their website and at their stores which linked to a YouTube clip showing off their new line (the code is still displayed at their Knox store as of last Sunday).

So, if you’re after a different (or another) method of getting your message across, maybe QR codes are for you?  It’s free, it’s different, I rock them, and it’s ultra geeky.  It may not be read by everyone, but that’s the beauty of it, it might be left wing enough to leave a good impression on those who scan it.  Curiosity marketing anyone?

Make codes here             http://qrstuff.com

Read code with this        http://www.i-nigma.com/Downloadi-nigmaReader.html

Just a word or warning, don’t scan a QR code unless you can verify its source.  A rogue QR code could be very hazardous to your smartphones health.


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