“my Facebook account got hacked”

…is something you really don’t want to have to say.  At any stage.  Ever.

Here is a tip to prevent something like this happening.  It’s not the be all and end all of Facebook security, but it will make your connections just that much more secure.

If you use free public wireless hotspots with your laptop, then this is a MUST do, as it will only be a matter of time before a bored geek will start to view your dirty online laundry, and then share it with your gossiping co-workers, your dear elderly Grandmother with a weak heart, and your kids that already get teased at school!

The rule is this.  “Enable HTTPS browsing to your social media sites wherever possible.”  The non-geeky explanation?  When you talk to your friend about Saturday night’s “events” do it in a language that only both of your understand.  Basically, a HTTPS browsing session will encrypt your connection with your laptop and Facebook, Twitter, etc.  It will mean people will not be able to easily snoop your social media sessions in order to steal or view your online details.

For Facebook.

  1. Log in as yourself
  2. Click on Accounts in the top right
  3. Click on Account Settings underneath
  4. On the left hand side, click Security
  5. In the main window, click the word Edit next to Secure Browsing
  6. Place a tick next to “Browse Facebook on a Secure Connection
  7. Click Save Changes and you’re done.

To be sure, close down your current browser (and any others that are open), go to Facebook and check to see if it now reads     


Other tips?

  • Avoid public wifi hotspots.  If you MUST use one, avoid social media, banking, money based sites in general.
  • Avoid public wifi hotspots.  If you MUST use one for your social media fix, try connecting to your work’s VPN connection first and use their internet.
  • Try remote accessing another PC (home or work) and use the internet from there.
  • If you have a smartphone, utilise the “hotspot” feature on it.  lock down the wireless on it also!!
  • Use a mobile application instead of the website if possible.  (iPhone and Android.  What are the others again?)
  • Turn off your laptop, go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

dEx         –              gossip ink. social media


taking security one step further by wearing a tinfoil hat.


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