Google+, socialmedia and the “other parent” syndrome.

My family are sufferers of an all too common condition, namely the “other parent” syndrome.  This condition exists where 2 people spawn a child that resembles one parent much more than the other.  The so called “non-identical” parent is lovingly referred to as the “other parent”

The “other parent” in my case, is my wife, and I would love to know what people think when they see her out with our kids when I’m not there.  “She must be remarried.”  “Has she adopted??” “Wow, what a hot babysitter!”  Had the shoe been on the other foot, and our kids not look like me in the slightest, then I would surely bear the brunt of jokes about my wife’s fidelity.  I have a number of friends that are in the same boat, and whenever I think of their kids, I firstly think of the parent that they look like the most.

In social media, you could consider “Social Media” itself as the spawn of the parents, Facebook and Google+.  You think social media, you think Facebook.  No ifs ands or buts about it.  Google+ is the “other parent.”  And even though it has amassed over 25million users in months (1 month?), my conversion rate of around 350 Facebook friends to Google+ logins is about 1 to 18.  And I don’t see it improving in a hurry either.

From a small business stand point, it’s a no brainer.  Google+ isn’t for business.  Google have said it straight up.  However, later in the year, when Google+ for Business is meant to roll out, it could be a game changer.  THE game changer.

Not being the “other parent” has its advantages.  People will never confuse your kids for someone else’s.  If you’re very easy on the eyes, your kids will reap the benefits (I never get sick of, “wow your son is just is SO cute”, which is usually followed by “he looks just like his dad” which is then followed by an odd silence where the person saying it realises that they may have inadvertently said I was of the good looker type.  This silence is made odder, if said “sayer” is male).

My wife is the “other parent”.  Google+ is the “other parent”. But if my family is anything to go by, as time goes on, a new condition is formed.  My wife will never shake this tag, but quickly on in, my family has started to suffer from another condition, the “favourite parent” syndrome.  My wife is the “favourite parent,” and in time, Google+ might be also.

dEx         –              the unfavourable parent

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One Response to Google+, socialmedia and the “other parent” syndrome.

  1. Ivan says:

    Looks generally skip a generation! If your wife wants to extend the experiment I’m happy to… Happy birthday top mini dex v1.0 too

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