SocialMedia Buttons. A Cancer on your Website?

I help small businesses with their social media presence.  If they don’t have one, I’ll make one.  If it’s almost there, I’ll push it over the line.  If it’s there but asleep, ill wake it up.  Most of these businesses already have a website and the adding of social media buttons to them, can be bitter sweet.

So consider this before raising the social media profile of your small business.  What does your website do at the moment?  Is it just informational?  Does it have a shopping cart?  Can I book stuff online?  With most of the small businesses I look after, their website is the former.  Purely their online business card.  Some may have provisions to add specials, industry news, or the odd gallery, but for the most part, the content is stagnant.

The introduction of social media (and in particular, the social media buttons) to your website, can potentially have the effect of driving business away from your main page.  Let’s say I’m a customer that hits your site for the first time, I may look around and decide to have a bit of a snoop.  For the most part, I consider the design “ok”, (let’s face it, of the thousands of websites you visit each week how many have your saying “Wow!!”  Not many right?) But that the content is almost what I’m after, so I push on.  I browse through the About Us, Contact Us and Services pages, equally unimpressed, but still wanting more.  Then I notice you have a Follow us on Facebook button so I click it.

Now this has me saying “Wow!”  As the owner, you have kept you Facebook page up to date with information and pulled content from your other sources.  Look there’s a link to your YouTube channel that has real world testing, hey there’s your LinkedIn account and we actually once worked at the same company, your Twitter feed shows tweets that are on the cutting edge of industry news, oh and your blog posts appear in your feed too, one of which is actually the information I am looking for.  So I click “Like”.

And wonder what your website URL was.  And wonder if I’ll ever go back to it.  Probably not.



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