Are you friends with your kids on Facebook? (Or why you should start your fanpage ASAP and get your kids to like it!)

I’m always intrigued by this question as I can’t answer it myself (and I’m hoping for at least 10+ years before I can!).

For those of you that are friends with your kids, (and it’s probably better targeted at kids 16-25) are you really that close to him/her/them?   Are they really that active on Facebook?  Do you really want to know what they get up to when you’re not around?  If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you’re either lying, a very forgiving or tolerant parent, or you yourself have lived a life that your kids would be ashamed/proud of.

Whatever the reason, I’m not looking forward to the day I log on to Facebook to read the update “Cadence was tagged in Her Best friend’s album Saturday night and where are the parents?”  Cringe worthy just typing out that sentence.

As a small business owner, I can see this as an opportunity (turn that frown upside down, and put away that shotgun and baseball bat!!).  I have the “average” amount of friends, around 350, and I would imagine that kids being raised through the Facebook revolution, will have double, triple and in some cases, quadruple the amount of friends.  I have seen 21 year olds with well over 800 friends in their list.  And these are the quiet types (or so I think).  What would the outgoing, look at me, I’m God’s gift to the opposite sex type have?  1500?  2000??  More???

Having not yet gone through the adolescent stage with my kids, I’m not quite sure what to expect.  And I’m not talking about the kid’s side.  I’m talking about the parent’s side.  I have family in this “stage” and stories of dressing up to drop of the kids, buying the latest European 4WD to show off, and flaunting your expensive jewellery is part in parcel, and as a small business owner who is Facebook (albeit social media) savvy, I’m chomping at the bit.

(Thinking out aloud) I would encourage my kids into the social online space.  Early controlled exposure to something/anything I feel is the best way to introduce this to my kids.  Ban them from it and they’ll find a way to use and abuse it.  So, when Cadence reaches the age of X, I’d like her to get onto Facebook.  I’ll add her as a friend too.  And I’d like her to add as many friends as she feels are qualified.  And when that number starts to grow.  I’m going to market the bejesus out of my company through her and her profile!

Cause at the end of the day, the parents of Cadence’s friends who drive luxury 4WDs, get made up and dressed up to drop off the kids, and who have “house and land packages”  worn around their neck, wrist and fingers, have it all for someone working hard either for themselves or someone else.

And I want to get my message out in front of them (or that someone else).



“like us on facebook!!   🙂






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