Social Media Killed the High School Reunion Star.

I graduated high school in 1994, over 15 years ago.  In that time, I’ve gotten married and had 2 kids, studied some more and got my certs, went through 5 jobs, changed my career, then started my own business, owned around 7 cars (none written off!), started gym, lost some weight, travelled a bit, started martial arts, stopped the gym, and then found some weight.

Also in that time, I have NOT had my high school reunion.  It’s not that I haven’t been, it’s just never been organised.  And seeing I still live less than 5km from my high school, the number of people I still bump into (or chose to avoid) is surprisingly high.

My Facebook account has been a buzz as of late as one of my “classmates” has formed a group around organising a reunion, and it’s got legs.  Like Elle MacPherson!  It’s getting to be a multi year level come-one come-all reunion that could very easily see arrests, smashed windows, DUIs, broken noses and the odd adulterous act.

All of this reunion “talk” has got me thinking if my soon-to-be 4 year old daughter will have a high school reunion of her own  (provided she gets through and she’s graduates.  I tell you what, she bloody better!  “Cadence, if you’re reading this, graduate, or there’s no chocolate for you tonight!”). And my answer to this is “probably not”.

Social Media (in particular Facebook) has allowed all of us to get in (and keep in) touch with people from every aspect of our lives.  For high school days, it’s allowed us to laugh at certain people we fancied, made us wonder how that drop kick is now worth a mint, marvelled at the gems that were hiding under excess weight, pimply skin, and coke bottle glasses, and gave us silent victories as the “it” people at school are now scanning your groceries.

I don’t imagine Cadence having a high school reunion.  Her generation will be so switched on and connected, that finishing high school will be a mere formality and not a milestone event as it has been for most of us.  Friendships I think will become stronger and last longer as more “socialising” takes place online than in person.  Moving house away from your “bestie” won’t mean too much in her world as irrespective of global position, her entire network of friends will just be a click away.  Cadence will have a high school reunion, every time she goes online.

Ultimately, high school reunions are about two things., showing off and drinking.  Facebook is the premier “show off” tool, so I think Cadence’s reunions will all just be about drinking.

I guess the high school reunion isn’t dead after all.  🙂


 gossip ink. social media (losing weight and practising lying for my up and coming reunion)


4 Responses to Social Media Killed the High School Reunion Star.

  1. Mudmap says:

    I graduated in 1984 so I did attend our 20th year reunion, It was very strange – like stepping back into your high-school persona – noone knew quite how to behave as last time we were all together we were teenagers. Took me ages to get over that odd time-travel feeling.

    Since then most of my class has also got back together on Facebook. I don’t think the next one will be so strange. Now we all know what each other is doing, where we are, where we have holidayed…and possibly what we eat for breakfast. I don’t know if this will make the reunion more relaxed and better or just boring.

    I am fascinated by the effect social media has on our lives – and this is just one area!

    • gossipism says:

      i totally agree.

      i already keep in touch with many of the people i went to high school with so i can imagine the reunion being somewhat less about what has happened the past 20 years and more about what has happened the past week.

      itll go from being a high school reunion to more of a high school catchup. 🙂

  2. Sharon says:

    I have N.E.V.E.R. gone to a school reunion of any kind of purpose. Probably for the same reason I’m not on Facebook. It’s all, “Hey look at me…” Or, “So…have you done anything better than what I’ve been doing” Or whatever. I personally like having impromtu reunions like on a random street going to work or a dinner reservation where it’s sooo much easier to pretend like you don’t see that over-confident jerk from high school rather than being in your old gym with no where to hide.

    • gossipism says:

      i agree.

      ive never been a serial facebook updater and really only do so on the odd occasion.

      i do share your pain when it comes to some of the more “active” updaters in my facebook list. some you just put up with. some you defriend. and some you just stay connected to for the laugh.

      each to their own. i was actually thinking of planning to lie my through my first reunion, telling people i have a highly contagious, unknown and incurable rash.

      it was either that or feign turrets so i can really tell some people what I really think of them.

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