Twitter. Why isn’t my generation digging it?

I’m 34 and I’m in IT.  I deal with computers every day.  It’s my career, my hobby and my passion.  I’m on Facebook.  I’m also on LinkedIn.  And have been for many years.  I use them regularly (one more than the other) and pretty much rely on them for news, gossip, information and fact finding.

But for the life of me do I struggle with Twitter.  I understand the concept.  I understand the limitations.  My participation is for business and I participate regularly.  Even still, using Twitter for me, is like wanting to drink that milk in the fridge that’s a couple of days past its use by date.  Sure it smells fine, probably won’t kill you, but when you take the first sip, you’re not quite sure what you’re gonna get.

And I think the same goes for my group of friends that are all around the same age (give or take a couple of years up or down).  None of them are on Twitter.  And the ones that are, barely tweet.  They all have Facebook, are extremely active on email, and are usually members of a dozen forums.  But for one reason or another, we just don’t tweet each other.  It could be were all IT geeks?  Maybe an email will suffice, or an SMS more direct, or heaven forbid, we might actually use a mobile for what it’s for, making a call.  But we don’t tweet.

Of the times I get on Twitter (and I’m on it now with Tweetdeck) I liken it to entering a crowded room and shouting your message at the top of your lungs.  Occasionally you will see someone you know in that room and so you begin to shout your message at them while everyone else in the room listens and continues to shout back.  If Twitter were a scene, it would be Wall Street a second after bell time on the day of the Facebook IPO.

Yes I follow too many people.  Yes I should create more groups.  Yes Twitter should be used for things other than chat, (I’m working on it) but it still doesn’t explain why my friends aren’t here.  Maybe I’m getting old, but people older regularly tweet.  Maybe I don’t know what to say, even if I did who really takes notice?  Maybe 140 characters isn’t enough, “get stuffed” and “go to hell” seem to convey their messages well, but whatever it is, it’s stopping them from coming across.  But it’s cool, they’ll eventually come around.  And when they do, there’ll be something else that they won’t want to be a part of.  Google+ anyone?  🙂

dEx – gossip ink.

someone be my Twitter friend @gossipism


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