welcome to gossip ink. social media. come in the waters fine.

Hi, my name is dExTeR (yes, I’m a geek) and I run a small IT business that looks after a group of loyal companies.  In a nutshell, I’m the IT department for companies that don’t have an IT department.  It’s my living, my passion and I’ve been “on my own” so to speak, for 3 years now and have been in the IT “game” for about 15.

The past 6-12months have raised more than the usual IT questions, heading more towards “how do I use Facebook for my business?”, “Should I be on twitter?”, and “Should I keep using LinkedIn?”

So, these questions were answered by creating a bunch of accounts, linking a lot of sites, posting a bunch of posts and tweeting a lot of tweets.  Then I sat back and admired my handiwork.  Done and dusted I thought.

Oddly, I noticed that other businesses wanted the same.  They wanted their own Facebook fan page, they wanted their own Twitter account, and they wanted to the world their message through as many online methods as possible.

Thinking that there might be an opportunity in this, I started gossip ink social media with my wife (queen of gossip) to help other small businesses establish, improve and maintain, their social media profiles.  We’re all about making their chatter, matter.

So, till the next blog, follow me on twitter, find me on Facebook, send me an email, and read about our stories in our blog.  Better yet, just visit http://www.gossipism.com.au.



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