My first Android (part 4)

Ok.  Its been a week now.  The Xoom’s still here and sees the light of the day when I get home and my daughter wants to play angry birds.
It adds a bit of weight to the rest of my kit (laptop, cds, screwdriver, etc) and in all honesty its been a bit disappointing.
Having come from the iPhone to this is a big step backwards and to those that think it’s an improvement are kidding themselves (or just want something that’s NOT Apple).
The Android market is filled with expensive applications (what happened to free?) and it’s confusing to browse.  There is no real phone / tablet identification and so many apps when installed, are wasted on the tablet screen size.
The reviews are mostly rubbish and the rating system is misleading.  A lot of the “free” apps are trial versions which irks me for tears!
I’ve yet to find a “go to” reason for using the Xoom, and for the time being, I still need it to support my clients that are buying Android phone.  L
Hopefully next update is better.

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