My first Android (part 3)

Well, it’s almost a week now, and the one person that uses the Xoom more than me is my almost 4  year old daughter.
There are some brilliant kid’s apps for it and of course Angry Birds.  She’s had an iPod since she was 1 so the “Big iPhone” is a huge thing for her (literally).
I received some accessories that I’d ordered (a leather looking case, a screen protector and a stylus) and quickly went about fitting them.  The case is superb and for $20 is simply a must have.  It protects the Xoom, all round, has a copy me iPad function where you can flip the case around and it like a photo frame and the edges of the case cover have magnets to hold it down.
The screen protector is an absolutely (insert expletive here) of a job!  At around a couple of bucks its ultra-cheap and they give you 2 (I should’ve order another 4!).  I thought I was quite the expert on putting on these screens as I’ve done a dozen iPhones, iPods and iTouch’s (no iPads though) but the Xoom is in a different class altogether!  It took me around 20-30 mins making sure the glass was clean and without dust.  It was frustrating.  It’s not the marks that were the issue, it’s the dust,  and when I finally came to put the screen on.  There was dust.  About 6 little bits that now, make air bubbles which bothers me immensely.  I’m going to try the second protector shortly.
The stylus is also somewhat disappointing.  It feels more like writing with lipstick (as that’s how small the pen is).  It also has this rubber bubble at the end for writing which is obviously to prevent scratching, but takes away from the writing feel of it.  A bit more research found that all stylus pens are like this and so me wanting to replace my writing pad for this tablet have taken a bit of a back step.

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