My first android (part 2)

After 3 days of ownership, my Xoom is still trying to find a place in my home.  Much like your distant cousin that wants to stay and eat your food and drink your grog, you don’t want to invite him in, but feel you have to.  It’s been an awkward 3 days, and I think, that after another 3, I’ll be none the wiser. 
Ok, let’s start with Android itself (which for the geeks is Honeycomb 3.0).  Only 5 home screens.  Hum.  More please.  The “widgets” which some rave about are all pretty useless (great concepts with poor execution).   An email widget that only shows 3 emails?  A calendar widget that only shows 4 appointments?  Seriously.    
The Android Market.  Wow, what a strange place to shop.  I recall at one stage, that Android’s selling point was that all the apps were “free”.  This may have been the case back in the day, but now, the pricing seems to be considerably more than the equivalent iOS apps.  To me, there definitely seems to be more decent “free” options to Apple users.
There is also no tablet / phone app separation.  Meaning a lot of apps I downloaded were designed for mobiles, making it look stupid on a device with so much real estate. 
My Xoom also has a strange problem (which other users are reporting also).  I would say that half of the applications I install won’t install the first time round.  They seem to get stuck at “waiting to install” this can stay like this for 15 minutes and a reboot of the device seems to be the only fix.  Ultra super half-baked annoying.

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