My First Android (part 1)


I love my iPhone.  I love it to bits.  It’s the only thing I can constantly keep my hands on without getting funny looks from people or a slap from my wife.  If your phone’s not an iPhone, then it’s not a phone and I recommend it to everyone and anyone that asks.    
Now being in the industry (IT geek) I thought it was time to take the plunge and buy “my first android”.  More and more of my clients are using these devices for their business and so knowing how to setup and configure these things would be handy.  With the love of my iPhone as it is, buying an Android phone is out of the question.  I already carry 2 phones so 3 will just be ridiculous.  The obvious choice of course is an Android tablet.
Choosing my Android
Android Tablets.  Where do I start?  The good thing with an iPhone (or iPad) is that there are 2 types (at this stage) 3GS or 4 (or iPads 3G or 3G+WiFI).  Storage capacity will vary, but you only get the choice of the 2 making it a decision more about how much you want to spend.
With an Android tablet, there are so many choices it will make your head spin.  Samsung, Acer, HP Blackberry Huawei or Motorola?  10inch, 7inch or other?  Do you need USB?  Do you need 1080p?  Do you want expandable memory?  Do you want HDMI?  Do you need 3G? Etc, etc, etc.  I read reviews, magazines, spoke to people, and did as much research as was needed.  At the pointy end of the scale, Acer’s Iconia was in the lead.  Then Samsung’s Galaxy had me for its 1080p output.  And in the end.  I copped out.  I got a Motorola Xoom from Telstra and chucked it on the business account.  $50 a month sounds better than $500-800 up front.  So much for research.  Convenience FTW.

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